Hall of Fame / Hall of Honor Banquet

Hall of Fame Scoring Sheet

BCAM Hall of Fame eligibility: Those coaches who have coached high school varsity or college head basketball for 20 years or more and/or have 300 or more career victories are eligible to apply. Applicant must have been a BCAM member for a minimum of 5 years during his/her head varsity coaching tenure.

If the applicant is not named to the Hall of Fame right away, they may be named at a later date.  The nomination form is translated into “points” based on years coached, number of wins, winning percentage, championships, basketball service, and awards received (categories that are mentioned on the application form).  If the applicant totals enough “points” they will be considered for the Hall of Fame.  SO if you have submitted a nomination form in the past, and can now add more information to the nomination form, please fill out the form again and resubmit it. The more items listed on the form, the more points the applicant will receive and the better the chances of being named to the Hall of Fame.

We field a lot of calls regarding application and induction into our BCAM Hall of Fame. This is actually a very objective and competitive process that has been designed to allow the elite of our field to be recognized. There are hundreds of amazing coaches every year that are doing incredible things who do not get into the Hall of Fame. BCAM inducts four coaches per year, which makes this a very distinct group. 

Coaches are nominated through an application sheet found on the website at BCAM.org (coaches are welcomed and encouraged to fill out their own form and mail it). Once the applications are received they are scored annually in early spring. They are scored on six categories: Tenure, Wins, Winning percentage, Championships, Service, and Coaching Honors. A point value is given in each category, the score is totaled and the form is saved. Coaches that are still active should update their applications at least every two years. Once the applications are scored they are sorted from the highest score down and the top four scores are inducted each year. Please view the Scoring Sheet to see how the point values are awarded. Hopefully this will answer many of your questions. If you still have questions please feel free to reach out to HOF Chairman Nick Evola.