Guide to the Fair Treatment of Coaches

Below is a link to A GUIDE TO THE FAIR TREATMENT OF HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL COACHES, which is unanimously endorsed by the National High School Basketball Coaches Association.

There are changing dynamics in high school sports throughout the country. Being a scholastic basketball coach nowadays is a multi-faceted challenge. The ground rules and landscape are ever changing. The pressure, expectations, time commitment and the use of social media are huge challenges for scholastic coaches.  

At the same time we seem to see more high school basketball coaches being fired or not rehired. Some of these actions are surely justified, while others are not. Unfortunately, many times a coach is not provided a reason as to why he or she is not being re-hired.  Also, at times the process used to make a decision to not rehire a coach is not as fair and transparent as it could be.

We think high school basketball coaches should be treated fairly.  We understand that scholastic coaches in most cases are at will employees with no tenure nor job security. We think they still deserve to be treated fairly in regard to their employment.

We think A Guide to the Fair Treatment of Coaches provides a good framework and suggestions that can followed in relations between a school district and a basketball coach. These guidelines were prepared by Ropes & Gray LLP, the legal counsel to the National Association of Basketball Coaches. If your school does not have any “Treatment” Policy, you might want to pass this onto your administration.

The National High School Basketball Coaches Association is an umbrella organization uniting the over 30 states that have State Basketball Coaches Associations to work for the betterment of the game. The NHSBCA is the national voice for high school basketball coaches, working to foster high standards of professionalism and to support coaches. The NHSBCA also welcomes representatives from States that do not have basketball specific organizations. The NHSBCA works with other organizations involved with basketball such as National Association of Basketball Coaches, Women’s Basketball Coaches Association, NCAA, NJCAA, USA Basketball, Amateur Athletic Union, and the National Federation of High Schools others.