The Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan would like to celebrate our great game by promoting unity among our teams, schools and communities. To this end we are launching a program we call ONE TEAM

The goal of this campaign is to seek methods to utilize basketball as a unifying force for good.  Basketball programs throughout our state are encouraged to implement activities that will foster the idea that: “We are greater together.”

Some ideas for this may include:

1. Reading the following announcement between the first and second quarter of each game:

“While tonight’s game is being contested between two different teams from two different school communities, we honor these young people and the game of basketball by showing respect for each other.  Our great game provides us the opportunity to celebrate unity everyday.  Basketball’s natural culture of becoming ONE TEAM, over time, can help us all to learn to work together better.  BCAM UNITY…We Are Greater Together!”

2. Alternating opposing team members standing together on the mid-court line for the national anthem.  Coaches and referees standing in similar fashion behind them. 

3. Combining teams for a post game end of the game gathering at mid-court or an after game pizza party (as per district covid protocol).

4. Teams are welcome and encouraged to use the ONE TEAM LOGO on t-shirts/shooting shirts, banners, your program’s website and/or social media platforms.  You may download the logo here in four formats (.jpg, .png, .ai, and .eps) and in three colors (white, blue, black).

5. Other activities as created by teams, schools or conferences. Remember these activities can be conducted at anytime during the season and for more than just one game.