BCAM - February Newsletter

February 2019
Greetings from BCAM.
I am excited to share a quick story as a reminder of the powerful impact coaches have on young people. My family doctor recently retired, so at my annual physical, I was introduced to a new, young physician. Right away we get to talking, and when he heard that I was a coach, he thoughtfully said "You know, I played for an unbelievable high school coach. He was tough and smart, and I learned so much from him. In fact, much of my success, I owe to the lessons I learned from him." He continued on with complete honesty and awareness of his abilities, “I wasn't the best player on the team, but Coach treated me like I was. He worked us all hard, but he cared about us, and I often think about what a positive impact he had on my life."  I knew his coach made a profound impact on him when he said, “I used to say to myself, if I can survive Coach's conditioning, I can make it through medical school." 
I asked who his coach was, and the young doctor replied, “Coach Ernie Righetti, from Bloomfield Hills Roeper.” Incidentally, Coach Righetti was recently inducted to the BCAM Hall of Fame. Well done Coach!
Keep up the great work that you do as a basketball coach and as a mentor to all of your players. Remember they're listening!
Best Regards,
Dan Young
Executive Director
In this edition: 
  • End of the Season Award Deadlines
  • BCAM Coach Spotlight: Keith Guy, Muskegon High School
  • Elite Journey: "Lead with Joy" by Michael Massucci
  • Pushing Accuracy in Free Throw Shooting
  • MHSAA Updates
  • BOCCC 
  • Lead Like Dabo 
  • BCAM Raise Your Game by Alan Stein Jr
  • BCAM Hall of Fame information
BCAM is gearing up to give out hundreds of awards to varsity players and teams. Below is the calendar of nomination periods for each award. If you have questions about the awards--what they are or how to qualify for them, please see the article on our website devoted to this topic - http://www.bcam.org/content/bcams-hs-playerteam-awards-familiarize-yourself-criteria. If your question is not answered there, please email me and let me know. 
ALL of the award nomination forms are online forms this year. ALL nomination forms will be found under the NOMINATION FORMS tab at the BCAM website and coaches must login to access the nomination forms. Most forms will be available beginning Feb 16.
Remember--- 1. The deadlines are non-negotiable 2. After EVERY nomination you make, you should receive a confirmation email. This confirmation email is important to RECEIVE and KEEP in case any question arises about your nomination later. So keep it until after the awards are announced. If you don't get a confirmation, contact me!! 
Amy Heydenburg
BCAM Administrative Assistant 
Elite Journey: Lead with Joy
By Michael Massucci
AEO Leadership LLC
Optimistic, Positive, and Joyful People Win!
Pushing Accuracy in Free Throw Shooting
by Morgan Wootten
Do you chart Free Throws in practice? Use this at water breaks to get your players 30-40 FT's a day!
Be Careful Retweeting 
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Top 100 Sportsmanship Award
sponsored by Pure Sweat
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What is your plan when a fight breaks out during your game?
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Reaching Higher Update
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Basketball Officials & Coaches Communication Committee
Accepting Imperfections
By Dan Christner
5 Ways to Be a Positive Leader 
BCAM Raise Your Game
Several years ago we had basketball performance coach Alan Stein, Jr. speak at our annual BCAM clinic. He just released a new book called Raise Your Game that we feel is must read for all coaches/players. Alan shares the first hand stories and lessons he learned from players like Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Kobe Bryant. He takes a peak behind the curtain, during the Unseen Hours, and shares the habits, routines, rituals, mindsets and disciplines of the best of the best!
Right now Amazon is offering the book for only $17… but that won’t last long. We recommend you get the book now… even if you and your team won’t dive into it until the off-season. If you’d like to order a quantity of more than 20 books, email Alan@AlanSteinJr.com directly for a bulk discount and special video bonus!
Dennis Hopkins
Assistant Executive Director
Director of Athletics
Varsity Boys & Girls Head Basketball Coach
Oakland Christian School
BCAM Hall of Fame
We field a lot of calls regarding application and induction into our BCAM Hall of Fame. This is actually a very objective and competitive process that has been designed to allow the elite of our field to be recognized. There are hundreds of amazing coaches every year that are doing incredible things who do not get into the Hall of Fame. BCAM inducts four coaches per year which makes this a very distinct group. 
Coaches are nominated through an application sheet found on the website at BCAM.org(coaches are welcomed and encouraged to fill out their own form and mail it). Once the applications are received they are scored annually in early spring. They are scored on six categories: Tenure, Wins, Winning percentage, Championships, Service, and Coaching Honors. A point value is given in each category and the score is totaled and the form is saved. Coaches that are still active should update their applications at least every two years. Once the applications are scored they are sorted from the highest score down and the top four scores are inducted each year. 
We have attached a scoring sheet so coaches can see how the point values are awarded. Hopefully this will answer many of your questions. If you still have questions please feel free to reach out to HOF Chairman Tom Valko at tomvalko09@gmail.com.
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